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Sullivan's Island, S.C.
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In the 1960's and 70's many shipwrecks were discovered just off Sullivan's Island's shore, including many blockade runners from the CIvil War era. Fort Sumter, where the first shots of the Civil War were fired, is visible from Sullivan's Island's shores.
Artists, writers, and naturalists have and still do flock to the island for inspiration and solitude.
Inspiring sunrises and sunsets daily. The Sullivans Lighthouse, built in 1962, is a distinctive landmark of the island, with its unusual triangular shape, it guides ships safely into harbor. It's one of the newest and most modern lighthouses in the country.
In the spring and summer, the beaches are crowded with tourists, but the pace slows down in the winter, as locals often find themselves strolling emply beaches.
Visible from twenty-six miles, the light now has a unique flashing characteristic consisting of a 0.2-second flash, a 4.8-second eclipse, another 0.2-second flash, and a 24.8-second eclipse.
Charleston Lighthouse was originally painted white and red-orange, but the coloring proved so unpopular that
The channel into the Charleston Harbor skirts Sullivan's Island's shores. Container ships, Navy ships, cruise ships, and other commercial and private vessels pass the island daily.
A Kiteboarding mecca of the east coast, Sullivans Island's sand bars create world class opportunities for kiteboarders. Launch at Station 28 - 30  year round and Stations 12 and 19.
Golden rods in the . Sullivan's Island has many beach accesses, include four handicapped accessible ones at Stations 18, 19, 22 1/2 and 26 1/2. Visitors park along the streets, as there is no municipal lot.
The best birding in the Charleston Harbor area occurs during fall migration and winter birding is also quite good.Charleston Harbor is a vast barrier to migrating songbirds; during migration periods. Brown Pelican, heron, and now red tailed hawk and Bald Eagles are commonly local species.
After Hurricane Hugo in 1989, older beach cottages were replaced by much larger homes on Sulllivan's. Though that trend has continued, there are still remnants of the past and those classic beach cottages dotting the island interspersed with new construction.
Though the sea grasses turn brown and flowers scarce in the winter, Sullivan's retains a simple, pristine, uncommon beauty.
On Sullivan's Island, every day can start to feel like a vacation. No property is  more than a half mile from the beach.
The marsh and Intracoastal Waterway side of Sullivan's Island at the boat landing.
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The bridge from Mount Pleasnt over to Sulllivans Island